What Customization Adds to Today’s Products


Product customization evolved along with the technological advances of the Internet. It’s difficult to imagine that there was a time when people scoffed at the idea of selling clothing, houseware, and electronics online, but there was such a day. Back when dial-up Internet connections were hissing to life, there were many people that argued you couldn’t sell clothing online… or pretty much anything else. It was a novelty at first when those few brave retailers ignored naysayers and opened their doors anyway.

Today we have such a thriving retail environment online that traditional retailers wonder where all their business is going. Answer: It’s taking place online instead of in their stores. And what a wonderful environment it is online to be able to buy all of these wonderful things. Customization is one of the things that just isn’t as possible offline.

Let’s take your average dinner party for example. In the old days, you walked into a store and chose from a carefully selected and controlled store environment. There might be a few things to choose from, not many more. If you didn’t like what you saw, you had no way of knowing what else was out there, unless you went to another store and looked there, too. Today you can browse at thousands of different stores online without so much as leaving your desk or mobile phone. And if you want something customized, today’s personalized products have plenty of benefits to customers.

The dinner party you couldn’t find anything for now has cocktail napkins | personalized cocktail napkins … imagine that! You can personalize your tablecloths, personalize your wine bottles, personalize your dinner glasses, and you can even hand out personalized gifts at the dinner party, too, with guest names or your business or personal information. Anything to liven up a dinner party can be put on any of the products that you buy for it. The advantage of this to customers is that they can now create their own experiences and control their own products. They don’t need to make a purchase where they’ve settled for a subpar product they weren’t crazy about. They simply find a few customization options online and they’re good to go.

The Internet customization business is alive and well. There are entire software suites where businesses can give their customers the power of customization. Some of them even add customization options free out of the box, just for using that particular software. There’s no shortage of software or outlets like this either. Whether you’re a business or an individual shopper, you’ve got plenty to choose from in today’s thriving online retail environment. Buy something ready-made or create it yourself via your own pictures or your own logos. The sky is the limit on customization online, just as the online retail environment will continue to be where people turn when they need highly specific products. While going to the store will always be something people do from time to time, shopping online has grown so convenient and personal that it’s hard to find a reason not to go with online shopping.